Dentistry must prepare to deal with an increased demand for treatment in 2021

In recent times the dental industry has endured as many setbacks as any business. Fully three months of lockdown throughout the Spring and Summ...

Call for community pharmacies to carry the fight against COVID-19

In the UK’s third national lockdown, the country has found hope in the national rollout of the Oxford University / AstraZeneca vaccine, begun o...

Case Study: JDRM Dental Care Ltd.

“We are delighted! The difference TradeBridge and this facility has made to our business is enormous. This changes the game for us.” Ruby Mahal...

Case Study: South Cliff Dental Group

“The beauty of our TradeBridge facility is that my funds are ready,and I can access them quickly.” Ashkan Pitchforth, CEO and Founder of South ...

2020: The year of grey swans

“A grey swan is a highly probable event with three principal characteristics: it is predictable; it carries an impact that can easily cascade; ...

The Challenges of Growing a Dental Practice

TradeBridge met with successful entrepreneur Pavan Gogna of Byways Dental. Pavan shared his experiences; the challenges of running and growing ...

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