Environment, Social and Governance Policy Statement

Policy Overview

At TradeBridge we recognise the urgency to take real action to address the challenges facing our environment and passionately believe in striving towards a fairer and more just society.

As a team we are focussed on making a positive impact in our local communities across our four priority themes below.





We will do this by:

Engaging as a team in local community-based initiatives that address our priority themes.

Formally including ESG criteria in our funding decision making process.

Actively seeking to expand our funding to organisations whose core activities positively impact our four priority areas.

Reporting on our ESG outcomes to stakeholders at least annually.


Theme 1 - Governance

Our Priorities


Governing body

Ethical behaviour

Risk and opportunity over sight

Our Values

Trust is the central pillar of the TradeBridge culture and good governance is a necessary precondition for building trust amongst our stakeholders and the wider community.

TradeBridge have a zero tolerance for unethical behaviour and maintain effective governance structures and policy frameworks together with appropriate independent oversight across each of the key governance themes to ensure that we uphold these values and our Code of Ethics.

Our commitments 2022-2023

Key governance themes incorporated into monthly risk reporting framework.

Review and improve our own governance & diversity at senior levels.

ESG KPI reporting framework in place and communicated to all stakeholders.

Governance performance assessment incorporated within underwriting process.


Theme 2 - The Planet

Our Priorities

Climate change

Nature loss

Air, ground and water pollution

Solid waste

Our Values

Breaking the link between prosperity and causing irreversible harm to our planet is fundamental to our collective future and is a responsibility that we must all share.

TradeBridge will proactively seek to develop and grow our portfolio of financial products that support our transition to net zero. We do not provide funding for fossil fuel extraction activities.

Our Commitments 2022-2023

Launch one employee ‘Planet’ team activity at each office

Planet impact assessment incorporated within underwriting process

Increase our funding to carbon reduction / renewables sector by 50%.


Theme 3 - People

Our Priorities

Dignity and equality

Health and wellbeing

Skills and the future

Our Values

Creativity is at the heart of who we are and requires a diverse, healthy and engaged workforce.

TradeBridge strive to be an inclusive employer with the highest levels of employee engagement and wellbeing.

Our Commitments 20220 - 2023

Launch employee ‘People’ activity at each office.

At least six wellbeing and physical activities in social calendar each year.

People impact assessment incorporated within underwriting process with a focus on protecting human dignity.

Theme 4 - Prosperity

Our Priorities

We are ambitious, for our customers, for our employees and for our community.

We strive to provide outstanding, innovative working capital finance products that also enable customers in markets underserved by traditional funders to “Seize their Moment”.

Our Commitments 2022 - 2023

All employees to have a ‘personal OK/R’ as part of quarterly review.

For further information on TradeBridge CSR policy please contact mark@tradebridge.com