TradeBridge operates globally.

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London provides unrivalled access to global markets as one of the world’s prominent financial centres. It’s also a great place to recruit talent! Our growing team is diverse, digitally native, international, multi-lingual, and they are the heartbeat of Tradebridge, driving it forward.


As an island, city-state that embraces innovation, technology and industry, Singapore is the perfect gateway to China and the rest of APAC. Our team of multi-lingual, multi-cultural locals are well placed to help clients with international supply chains.


Sydney is the financial capital of Australia and a leading Asia Pacific hub so has always been on our growth radar. With a healthcare system similar to ours in the UK, Australia is a great fit for our pharmacy finance product and it is also becoming an online retail powerhouse, which suits our eCommere finance facility. Add to this the UK team’s rich personal contact network over there, and a love of cricket and hey presto, we have a Sydney office.


As China's financial hub, Shanghai is the new New York. It boasts one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world, some of the best universities in Asia and the world’s busiest container port. Our Chinese team are based here and supported by a regional office in Guangzhou. The two offices serve both Eastern and Southern China, which enables us to cover the most commercially active regions in the country.