Fuel more growth


Step on the gas with up to
$2M in additional funding built for eCommerce businesses to accelerate growth.

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Now is your time

With customers taking to online shopping in unprecedented numbers there’s never been a better time to be an eCommerceer.

Whether your business has just become your main source of income or you’re already well on your way to scaling a multimillion-pound venture, at some point significant financing becomes critical for fueling further growth.

That’s where TradeBridge comes in. We provide up to $2M in additional funding to help you accelerate growth and build a serious business that will make people sit up and take notice.

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Fast track your
business growth


eCommerce moves at lightspeed. With access to a significant level of funding you have the fuel you need to seize the new business opportunities you see:

  • Buy more stock lines
  • Build your own branded range of
  • Increase ad spend to acquire more
  • Drive the best prices from your
    suppliers with better payment terms

Funding built for


Say goodbye to loans from faceless providers. Instead, say hello to whole business-based funding. With TradeBridge you have:

  • Meaningful levels of funding
  • Freedom to decide how you
    invest funds
  • The ability to speed up or slow
    down payments
  • Financing that grows as
    you grow

We use real-time trading data and other business information to assess the true strength of your business. That lets us lend with confidence where others simply cannot.


Don't take our word for it

“I would highly recommend a TradeBridge merchant financing facility to any seller operating on a marketplace.”

Sunand Kangath
Company Director,
Raysan Direct

Talk to an expert

ChiChi Osemwegie
Business Development Director

Financing your business is too important to trust to an online application and ‘chatbot’.

At TradeBridge you’ll be collaborating with real people whose only goal is to understand the levels and types of financing that will work best for your business.

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