How SCF Differs From Invoice Discounting and Factoring

Supply chain finance is a way of providing liquidity to businesses. But what is it and why do it? How is it different from the more traditional...

5 Ways Our Supply Chain Funding Facility Can Support Your Business

Five ways TradeBridge's supply chain funding facility can support your business.

All about Global Trade Finance: Amer Matar explains it all

We spoke with Amer Matar, Director of Global Supply Chain Finance at TradeBridge to understand how global trading has been affected in 2020, an...

Ham sandwiches, teething problems, and compensation for Scottish fishermen. Or not.

“Nothing in the world causes so much misery as uncertainty.” – Martin Luther

2020: The year of grey swans

“A grey swan is a highly probable event with three principal characteristics: it is predictable; it carries an impact that can easily cascade; ...

Farmers sweat as Brexit negotiations enter extra time

Britain is now just days away from the UK leaving the EU. After four years and three Prime Ministers, the negotiators, led by Boris Johnson and...

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