Superior funding makes
acquisition dream come true

With the higher funding level and complete flexibility of RxBridge finance for pharmacies, small group WHPL had the confidence and buying power to make cost-effective acquisitions from LloydsPharmacy and Boots.
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Welcome Health Pharmacies LTD

Community pharmacy group 

Founded 2016

Vaibhav Chhatwal bought his first pharmacy in Teesside, Northeast England, in 2016. After his hard work and entrepreneurial flair delivered successful growth, he was able to gradually acquire four more independent pharmacies over the next three years.

Vaibhav had always wanted to build a regional group of ten or more pharmacies. When he heard about LloydsPharmacy’s national divestment plan, he saw an opportunity to acquire several new outlets at once, but he would need significant finance to make it happen.  

After partnering with RxBridge in March 2023, Vaibhav quickly secured the funds to buy four pharmacies in cost-effective deals. He successfully acquired two LloydsPharmacy outlets in Northumberland in summer 2023 and has agreed to buy one pharmacy from Boots, and an independent this year.  

Vaibhav is now busy consolidating his new network of nine community pharmacies, but it won’t be long before he’s back on the expansion trail. With RxBridge funding always available, he can afford to be choosy and wait for the perfect candidate for acquisition number ten.      

“Working with RxBridge put me in the driving seat. It gave me the buying power to move quickly and confidently with LloydsPharmacy and Boots acquisitions.”
Vaibhav Chhatwal, Managing Director, WHPL

Their challenge


Vaibhav’s dream was to acquire a network of least ten pharmacies in Northeast England. When LloydsPharmacy’s divestment programme caught his eye in 2023, he saw an opportunity to nearly double his estate and make it happen. He wanted to raise the finance to make cash acquisitions at the best prices, but his previous lender wouldn’t offer enough funding and the process took forever. 

A short while later, Vaibhav received an email out of the blue from RxBridge. He was cautious at first, having been disappointed by traditional lenders, but he soon realised that RxBridge offered higher funding, that he could draw down whenever he needed and that he only had to pay for what he used. With transparent fees, flexible repayments and quick turnarounds, he had the complete control he needed to move forward with confidence. 

Our solution


As specialists in the sector, we’ve designed a finance facility specifically for pharmacies based on NHS income. We offer more funding than other lenders (up to 4X your monthly NHS receipts), a streamlined application, transparent fees and rapid risk assessment – so you get a decision within days, not months. 

This meant we could offer Vaibhav a revolving line of credit that he could use however, and whenever, he needed to. With a comfortable funding limit, he had the buying power to negotiate the best deals for distressed assets - and the security of knowing he could also cover any cashflow shortages, stock fluctuations or unexpected costs along the way. 

  • More funding than other lenders  
    (up to 4X monthly NHS receipts)  
  • Pharmacy specialists who understand 
    your business 
  • Quick decisions so you can move at pace 
  • Flexible credit line with no set repayments 
  • Only pay for the finance you use  
“I would recommend RxBridge to any pharmacy - for the higher funding limit, the smooth process and the flexibility of drawdowns and repayments. These things really help.”
Vaibhav Chhatwal, Managing Director, WHPL

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