Scaleable working capital that
grows as you grow

Starting their growth journey ten years ago with the purchase of a single pharmacy group of thirteen, Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited have used their scalable RxBridge working capital facility to help them put their estate on the map.



Total funding


Use of funds


Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited

Community pharmacy

Founded 2006

Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited, founded in 2006, are a burgeoning group of 13 independent community pharmacies. Headquartered in Kirkcaldy and with premises across Scotland, the business also covers England. The shareholders are entrepreneurs within the sector, with involvement in a range of pharmacy and healthcare businesses, and a particular focus on additional services and automation.

They also provide consultancy services on the regulatory & commercial aspects of operating pharmacy and wholesale dealing of medicines in the UK & abroad.
“As Finance Director I drove the election of our facility and chose RxBridge. Our previous facility wasn’t bad but it was a generic product bent to fit the needs of pharmacy contractors. RxBridge’s facility has been built from the bottom up specifically to meet the needs of groups like ours. It is designed for pharmacy”
Fred Gourlay, Finance Director, Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited

Their challenge

An original vision to build a group with a Scottish footprint was adjusted to enable the group to predominantly grow through acquiring new licences in England. Like many expanding groups, Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited found it tough, with cashflow being an issue partly due to cuts in remuneration and partly as they wanted to maintain available funds for their internal projects (including technology solutions requiring considerable investment).
With no support from traditional lenders, the group used their RxBridge facility to add to the estate and negotiate advantageous deals. 

Our solution

Our working capital finance helped operationally, allowing Wellbeing Pharmacies to balance books across group companies. Our facility provided flexible limits, predictable quantums and high levels of responsiveness from the RxBridge team making it easy to use and manage. 

RxBridge provides pharmacies with:

  •  The funding you need to make an impact.
  • The freedom to make the investment
    decisions that you choose.
  • Financing that grows as you grow.
  • Support from people who live and breathe your world.
"RxBridge working capital finance is best in class pharmacy finance for those serious about growth"
Fred Gourlay, Finance Director, Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited

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