Dental Finance

Leveraging up to 3X your monthly income in additional funding.

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Dentist with patient

Dental practices are becoming dental businesses. 

As dental practices offer new services—and the sector evolves with a greater focus on the business itself—there has never been a better time for entrepreneurially-minded practitioners to build a thriving multi-practice dental business.

Whether you’ve just acquired your first practice or are looking ahead, growing your business and keeping it current demands a substantial investment. That’s where TradeBridge comes in. We provide up to 3X your monthly income in additional funding to help you seize more growth opportunities

Invest in the future of your business.


Access the funding you need to create the dentistry business that you envision:

  • Acquire additional practices
  • Build a clinical environment for
    delivering new ancillary services
  • Invest in new technologies that
    improve services and increase

Finance for dentists


Traditional finance simply isn’t suited to scaling a modern dentistry business. That’s why we built a funding model that was designed to work specifically for your business. With TradeBridge you get:

  • The funding you need to make a
    real impact on your business
  • Freedom to make the investment
    decisions that you choose
  • Financing that grows as you grow.
  • Support from people who live and breathe your world.

We use real-time trading data and other business information to assess the true strength of your business. That lets us lend with confidence where others simply cannot.


“We are delighted! The difference TradeBridge and this facility has made to our business is enormous. This changes the game for us.”

Dr Ruby Mahal
JDRM Dental Care


Talk to an expert

Clare Briggs
Associate Director

Financing your business is too important to trust to an online application and ‘chatbot’. At TradeBridge, you’ll be collaborating with real people whose only goal is to understand the levels and types of financing that will work best for your business. 

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