The end of PEPS and the COVID-19 Advance Payment Clawbacks

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The Pharmacy Early Payment Scheme (PEPS) ended on 1st October 2021

  • A final ‘transition’ payment will be made to you on 1st November 2021.  
  • Thereafter, you will receive 92% of your regular monthly payment. 
  • You are required to meet the remaining 8% through available cash flow. 
  • This will be required for the subsequent 11 months, until the transition payment is recovered.

There will be no further payment until the Earlier Advance Payment Process begins, with receipt of November’s advance payment on 10th December 2021.  


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COVID-19 Advanced Payment Clawbacks

  • The government led COVID19 Advanced Payment scheme has ended and between the 1st October 2021 and 1st March 2022.

  • You are required to make repayments of up to 8% of net monthly revenue, as part of the COVID19 Advanced Payment Clawback process. 
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