Interest Rate Comparison Calculator

Compare TradeBridge to alternative lenders
If you’re currently financed by an alternative lender or a provider of revenue finance, use the calculator below to compare our finance with theirs and plan for the explosive growth of your business.  

TradeBridge have created finance to support entrepreneurial leaders who strive for explosive growth. Our facilities are purpose-built for online retailers to grow and thrive in a fast-moving world.

The real cost of flat rates of interest and revenue finance
If you make repayments on your current loan based directly on your daily sales revenue, you have no control over how much you repay and when. 

If you experience high sales in a short time, you’ll actually be repaying your loan much more quickly and your interest rate can sky-rocket.

Use our comparison calculator to alter the amount of time (in months) that you might take to repay your current loan. You’ll see that if you experience a surge in sales, then it actually costs you more. By comparison a TradeBridge facility can cost you far less and maximise your profits.


Based on the information you’ve entered above, the total interest and your charges can be seen here. Now alter the amount of months to see what happens to your actual interest rate if you experience high sales, and repay your loan more quickly as a result.

Revenue finance actual APR calculation

If you make repayments based on your sales revenue, you have no control over how much you repay and when. If you make sales quickly, then your actual APR could look more like this.

1. APR rates shown assume that you receive payments for online sales fortnightly and your sales are spread evenly across the repayment period (starting exactly 2 weeks after you receive your loan)

2. The “max APR” shows how high your rate could be if you first repayment is less than 14 days after your loan is received

3. If you receive weekly or more frequent sales, your APR will be significantly higher

4. If your sales grow your APR will be higher (you can estimate this by changing the repayment period)


Calculated average funding balance

TradeBridge charge(Price per 30 days)

TradeBridge saving(% saving over competition)

How TradeBridge finance for eCommerce merchants is different

Our finance is designed to offer you both control and flexibility in terms of both draw down and repayment of funds.

We calculate a facility limit that you can draw down and repay as you choose, giving you the maximum opportunity for explosive growth.

TradeBridge charges a rate on your daily drawn balance so you only pay on what you borrow and only when you choose to make repayment